Jewelry is worn for many reasons. Sometimes we just want a fashion statement, a pop of color, or something that compliments our outfit. Sometimes jewelry is worn to dress up or down a look. Sometimes we wear jewelry as a connection to a time, a place, an idea, a person.

I am a big believer that whatever the reason it is worn, all jewelry has a story to tell. Here is the story of how this piece came to be.

. . .

I am a mom to a sixth grade daughter, so conversations about discovering yourself, being yourself and standing up for yourself are on heavy rotation in my house. But let’s be honest - the challenge of not only figuring out who you are but also embracing it does not dissipate once the angsty teen years pass. Who we are evolves. Who we want to be evolves. How we accept, embrace or challenge those changes also evolves.

The jewelry card that accompanies this necklace says: “Embrace yourself. You were created the way you are for a reason. Embrace your mind, your body, your ideas, your heart, your quirks, your imperfections. You are beautiful and magical. You are enough.”

YOU ARE ENOUGH is easy to say and difficult to believe.

To me, “you are enough” does not mean that you have reached some state of perfection in which you never need help, never make mistakes, are done growing and changing.

Instead, “you are enough” means that who YOU are at the core - the spark, the spirit, the soul, the beauty that is left when all the superficial stuff is removed - is enough.

You are enough means that your worth does not depend on the value someone else places on you.

You are enough means that you still need to grow and change and make mistakes and challenge yourself and learn and discover and achieve - but not to prove yourself to someone else. Rather, to be yourself.

Never change who you are. Change the things that keep you from being who you are.

Sometimes I think we need a reminder of what is really important. And that is how this necklace came to be. A vertical piece of hand cut sterling silver with a piece of fine silver and a piece of 14k gold fill wrapped around it in a full embrace.

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